On Davids “How to read a movie” post he speaks about “intrinsic weighting”. The ocean of blood with bodies in the water on the left and beach with dead fish and more bodies lying around on the right. Left being more negative and righter being more favorable. How to read a movie – Just David and Other Things (justdavidz.com)

I thought it cute and kind of funny how Brittany was playing with her dogs through the glass door. I also loved the audio choice as I believe it suiting for the video. Funny Tiktok Of My Pet – Daily Life of Me (britannmine.com)

Deon made a video that shows the lyrics to a Kendrick Lamar song. The video is really well done in my opinion, the cuts are clean and quick so there isn’t a whole lot of time you can’t see lyrics. Lyric Video Snippet – deonsatchell.com

Bennett gives and extremely in depth look at the camera and audio techniques used in the movie “Die Hard”, which is and exceptional movie. Pointing out how with just audio and just visual alone it isn’t all too great but when tied together it shows how great this movie truly was. Die Hard Analysis – Teal’s Tales (tealdeal.net)

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