Make a video that shows us how you workout! You can do an instructional video or a video similar to what you may see from a fitness expert on social media. Be creative!

In order to make this video I created a TikTok account so I could make and edit the video there. I took a video of each warmup and on bench and the top set for the overhead triceps exercise and cable triceps pushdown. On TikTok I edited the videos together shortening them, so that they aren’t excessively long. After that I added in a voice over to add a little bit of context to what I’m doing.

Assignment: ds106 Assignments: Make a Workout Video!

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Vimeo: Vimeo

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  1. Solid stuff, I think. I’ll trust your athletic expertise. One thing I will say is that reducing the sound of the gym might have been good, its quite loud. Also, I’m sorry that you had to make a TikTok account. No one should have to do that to themselves.

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